7 Types of Bumps and Blemishes You Should Never Try To Pop

4. Keratosis Pilaris

It is the most common disease that attacks the adults and younger people. It is the skin disorder. It mainly shows symptoms like the chicken skin. Small, tiny ball like structure that covers whole area of the body or face. It can transfer from parents to their off spring.

The people who are suffering from keratosis pilaris will need regular maintenance of the therapy they been assigned by the dermatologist. If anybody trying to squeeze these ball likes structure will cause redness, swelling and required more effort to do that work.

Without using your hand, use chemical like salicylic acid or glycol acid to control the inflammation of keratosis pilaris. If it does not work at all then it is now important to visit or consult a dermatologist.

Laser Hair Removal and Keratosis Pilaris

5. Cystic Acne

Cystic acne is the most irritated bumps. It cannot treat manually with two hands. If it burst then it will leave mark on your skin that cannot be hidden with any makeup. This occurs deep in the skin. If somebody wants to find the end point or growing end of this cystic acne you cannot find it because it grows really deep in the skin. It appears as red color spot but grown inside the skin instead of outburst. The people get irritated. It will cause swelling and inflammation. They are difficult to treat at home with homemade remedies.

Painful Acne Under Skin

If those spots take long time to recover then consult a family doctor or specialist to treat you better with medications and give you precautionary measures. Women can treat it with oral antibiotic, limit the amount of taking birth control pills. Stress is the cause of such issues.

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