7 Types of Bumps and Blemishes You Should Never Try To Pop

6. Blackheads

Other important and the common issue of the girl’s are blackheads. Blackheads are just like the Whitehead. It has oil and deep pores. These deep pores when exposed to air it absorbs dirt and dust particle from the air.

They are the dark spots spread all on the skin. Blackheads cannot inflammation, swell, or hurt but it creates acne around the nose. The area around the nose became dark in color.

Our skin produces too much oil. The bacteria on our skin can also give in blackheads formation. Our skin produces hair follicles. By producing the excess of hair follicles will give toward the appearance blackheads. During drug addiction, pills taking, menstruation will also contribute to produce blackheads.

Painful Back Acne

Black heads are treating with the help of chemicals, medicines, and with homemade remedies. The latest technology is laser light treatment.

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