8 Foods That Have More Iron Than Beef

It’s no secret that consuming beef is not only harmful for the health of our planet, and the poor animals that we kill, but also, it can be dangerous for the health of our body. And it is essential that we cut down our intake of meat, and find other replacements to make up for the lack of nutrients caused by reducing portions of red meat.

You see, when one reduces the intake of beef, one reduces one’s intake of iron, an extremely vital mineral that plays a pivotal role in providing body cells with oxygen, and keeping the body energetic. Now, beef is a very rich source of iron, and you can obtain 2.5mg iron with just one 4.oz serving of lean beef, which makes up 14% of your daily iron intake.

But the good news is that, you can make up for this lack of iron in far better and greater ways because there are several other animal and plant based sources of iron that will give you a far more powerful dose. Moreover, plant based iron sources tend to have fewer carbon footprints, and they pack a great deal more iron than beef.

You must also understand that that iron consumed from animal-sources absorbs much quicker as opposed to iron obtained from plant-based sources. Therefore, vegetarians must consume more iron in order to energize their bodies. For women between the ages of 31 to 50, 32mg iron is the daily requirement, while women above 50 should limit their daily intake to 14mg iron. And if you’re worried about the absorption, drink up some lemon juice to stock up some vitamin C, which will help speed up the absorption process of plant-based iron.

Now, take a look at these incredibly tasty foods that will pack your body with a lot more iron than beef:

1. Edamame

Edamame is a powerful source of protein, and it contains even more potassium than a banana. It can also help you shed some extra pounds as it makes one of the healthiest, protein-rich snacks. All you need is 1 cup of frozen Edamame to enrich your body with 3.5mg of iron, which happens to be 19% of your daily iron requirement.

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