8 Secrets of The Naturally Slim

2. Hunger is Never an Emergency

Majority of the people who complain of being overweight tend to have a habit of regarding their hunger as an emergency that must be dealt with immediately and at once. People who fear hunger and avoid, cut down their tendency to overeat or eat with an unscheduled pattern.

Skinny people have a habit of avoiding and tolerating pangs of hunger, since they are aware of the fact that appetite cravings tend to occur every now and then. They have a habit of saving up their appetite for their scheduled meal.

You can avoid hunger pangs by simply making a habit of avoiding or delaying your lunch by an hour or two each day. It’s also nice to skip an afternoon snack every now and then, and you’ll be able to see that not eating didn’t cause any difference to your body’s ability to function. So, next time your stomach starts grumbling, try to avoid the sensations instead of dashing to the kitchen or the vending machine.

Skipping Meals and Weight Loss

3. Strong Self-Control

Researchers strongly believe that unrestrained behaviour and a lack of self-control is one of the greatest factors that causes weight gain amongst women in their 50s and 60s. A low sense of self-restraint is directly associated with greater weight gain as much as 33 pounds, while women who have a strong sense of self-control tend to have a low body mass index.

In order to maximize your disinhibition, you simply have to prepare for moments that weaken your self-restraint. For instance, when you meet up your friends at a restaurant, or when you are surrounded by table laden with delicious delicacies over the holidays. Being at a party, one often finds it hard to resist the urge to take another slice of the delicious cake, or cut out a bigger portion of the appetizer. These are the moments when you need to caution yourself, and loading up on a healthy meal earlier can also promote feelings of satiety to cut down your cravings.

Stressful situations and anxiety can also put you in the way of a low self-control moment, so you need to keep fruits, dried fruits, carrot sticks or other crunchy treats at hand to treat your body with low-calorie snacks.

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