8 Secrets of The Naturally Slim

8. They Don’t Pick out Fruits to Fight off Emotions

Even though slim and healthy women aren’t entirely free of the horrid pangs of emotional eating, but they are quick to identify it and put an end to this unhealthy habit. It’s important to realize when to stop plying your body with indulgent and calorie-laden treats just to beat the blues.

You have to command your body and introduce your mind to the word HALT, which is basically an acronym for Hungry, Angry, Lonely and Tired, all four of the emotions that cause us to indulge in overeating.

If you feel extremely hungry, pick out a healthy snack to munch on, such as a handful of seeds or nuts, which will fill you up until your scheduled meal. However, if you feel your hunger is being triggered due to emotions such as fatigue, anger and loneliness, you must find a no-calorie solution to eliminate these negative emotions.

A nice and long run is an excellent remedy to beat stress, while the sudden increase of your heartbeat will also quiet down your anger. If you’re lonely, instead of ordering a large pizza with extra topping, just give your friend a call or head off to the cinema to watch a hilarious movie.

Being with your friends and enjoying their company will give you a strong sense of connection. And lastly, if you feel fatigued, just get some rest instead of munching on sugary desserts.

Why Am I An Emotional Eater

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