8 Signs You’re Not Getting Enough Potassium

2. You have high blood pressure

According to Brill, potassium helps to relax your blood vessels. Due to the insufficiency of potassium, these blood vessels become constricted, which in result elevates the blood pressure.

If you are suffering from high blood pressure, then fulfill your need of potassium by using potassium-rich food items. It will lower your blood pressure, bringing back your body to the normal state. You can ask your nutritionist for the potassium rich items.

High Blood Pressure Diagnosis

3. You eat mainly out of bags and boxes

More you consume sodium; more potassium is drained out of your body. These minerals work in a see-saw manner in our body. When you eat a processed food like snacks, salty chips, noodles, burgers, crackers, fries, junk food, and frozen meals, the potassium is excreted out of your body, and you suffer from low levels of potassium. The same thing is addressed by Brill.

If you want your body to hold on to the potassium while you are eating and you want sufficient levels of potassium in your body, then stop the intake of edible stuff that contains high sodium content.

Junk Food Diet

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