8 Signs You’re Not Getting Enough Potassium

4. You feel weak or experience cramps in the muscles

Potassium is vital for the body as it plays a major role in the smooth muscle contraction. If it is not adequately present in the body, then muscle contraction is compromised. You can feel the pain and aches and even spasm.

As accounted by Brill, if you suffer from muscular pain and spasms then you are suffering from the low levels of potassium. Low levels caused the crampy muscles, and you will feel weak and exhausted.

Depression and Muscle Weakness

5. You skip a heartbeat

If your heart suddenly, out of no reason, starts pounding your chest and your heart rate accelerate for no apparent motive at all, then you have to worry about your potassium level. Your heart misses a beat, which indicates the low level of potassium in your body.

To avoid skipping beats or palpitations, increase the level of potassium. Contact your specialist in this regard.

Condition of Abnormal Heart Rhythm

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