8 Signs You’re Not Getting Enough Potassium

8. You experience tingling and numbness

Potassium is a vital mineral which controls the blood flow in different parts of the body.it also keeps your nerves intact and healthy.

Unfortunately, if you suffer from insufficiency of potassium, you will feel numbness in different parts of the body, and you might experience the frustrating tingling sensation of needles and pins.

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Our body functions are controlled by different enzymes, electrolytes, and minerals. The inadequacy of them may lead to serious health issues. Potassium is one of the major minerals that plays an important role in different body functions like muscle contraction, blood flow, heart contraction and blood pumping, digestive, and neural functioning as well.

The insufficiency of potassium may lead to serious health issues like muscle fatigue, restlessness, constipation, dizziness, heart issues, numbness, and many others. Our body indicates several symptoms if we understand the language of our body we can easily fight against any disorder we face.

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