8 Simple Everyday Habits To Maintain Healthy Cartilage

Cartilage Tip # 2: Get Plenty of Vitamins C and D

Most of the cartilage is composed of collagen. Collagen is a protein which is present in our whole body. Vitamin C is very important for the biosynthesis or preparation of collagen. Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid and is a water soluble vitamin which is naturally present in many foods. You can take citrus fruits, kiwi fruit and berries to increase the consumption of Vitamin C. Leafy green vegetables and broccoli are also good sources of vitamin C.

Another vitamin, vitamin D is also very essential for our bone and cartilage health. It is also known as sunshine vitamin because our body produces vitamin D when our skin is being exposed to sunlight. Sources of vitamin D are fatty fish like salmon, fish liver oil, egg yolks, orange juice, soy milk, beef liver, cereals, and some dairy products. Its deficiency may cause weakness of muscles and bone pain.

Vitamins C and D Intake

Cartilage Tip # 3: Eat Some Jell-O

We often think that gelatin is only used in desserts, but that is not true. Gelatin is rich in amino acids, which makes our bones strong and healthy. Gelatin is derived from animal sources and the one made of cooked collagen is very beneficial for our body. Consuming this gelatin makes our body produce more collagen and encourages the cartilage development.

Not only this, it is amazingly beneficial for our skin, nails and hair and is very rich in proteins. It also is free of fat and cholesterol so people who have weight issues can take benefit from it.

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