9 Food Rules You Should Be Following If You’re Taking Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs

Patients who experience alarming raises in their cholesterol levels are usually prescribed statin drugs that reduce the formation of blood lipids. Statistics reveal that nearly 28% of the adults above the age of 40 are consuming these statin drugs, and still, they can’t enjoy the liberty of consuming everything and anything they like.

Most patients are wrong to believe that medication is all they need to regulate and normalize their cholesterol raises, and diet doesn’t really play an instrumental role. On the contrary, patients who consume lipid-reducing statins are widely recommended to adopt a healthier and wholesome lifestyle, with excessive physical exertion. A wholesome diet and regular exercise are crucial to boost the effectiveness of these cholesterol-lowering drugs.

We’ve picked out a list of 9 amazingly healthy habits that will help bring about a dramatic reduction in your cholesterol levels. Here, take a look:

1. A Hearty Breakfast for a Light Dinner

If you want to start an effective heart-healthy diet, you have to regard your breakfast as the most essential and energizing meal of your day. Health experts believe that avoiding breakfast can actually increase cholesterol levels. A recent study revealed that men who regularly avoided consuming breakfast had an alarming 27% greater risk of heart attack or dying due to heart ailments as opposed to those who had a hearty breakfast.

However, be sure not to load up your platter with bacon and oily sausage. Avoid processed meats, and fill up your body with nutrient-rich foods, such as eggs, oatmeal, Greek yogurt, avocados, berries, nuts and other heart-healthy superfoods.

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