5 Colon Cancer Symptoms You Should Know—Even if You’re Young

2. Rectal Bleeding

Patients usually tend to find red blood in their poop, or even on the toilet paper that they use for wiping. Certain patients have even reported experiencing abnormally dark stool, which is caused by the blood that gets digested within the GI tract. Rectal bleeding usually occurs because of the act of passing stool, but it can also occur when you are unable to pass stool.

Experts believe that this bleeding can occur due to anal fissures or even haemorrhoids. If you detect the presence of blood in your stool, be sure to consult your doctor right away.

3. Involuntary Reduction in Weight

Tumors tend to lead to lack of appetite, which makes you lose weight without planning to do so. Moreover, tumors also disrupt the functioning of metabolism, and experts are not exactly sure about why cancerous tumors interfere with metabolism chemicals present within the body. However, research reveals that the resources and chemicals of metabolism are diverted by the body towards fighting off and eliminating the tumour.

4. Difficulties in Passing Stool

Cancerous tumors within the colon can often trigger the development of certain blockages, which make it extremely hard for the patient to pass stool. Patients also experience an alteration in the shapes and sizes of their stool, for instance, it often tends to become more pencil-like and thinner than normal.

Moreover, patients also tend to experience the symptoms of diarrhea. Be sure to consult your doctor if these symptoms persist after 4 weeks.

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