The Colon (Human Anatomy): Picture, Problems, Tests & Treatments

3. Colon cancer

Research reveals that every year, over 100,000 Americans are affected by colon cancer. There are several types of cancers that affect the colon, but they can all be detected and prevented with the help of regular screening sessions.

4. Colon polyps

Polyps are tiny tumor-like growths that develop within the colon. In certain cases, these tumors tend to benign but with the passage of time, they can turn cancerous. Doctors often treat certain colon cancers by removing these polyps.

5. Crohn’s disease

This is an inflammatory disease that commonly impairs the intestine and primarily the colon. It’s most common symptoms include stomach ache and diarrhea that is often accompanied by bleeding.

6. Diarrhea

Diarrhea refers to extremely watery and loose stool that is forcing you to make frequent trips to the bathroom. Several cases of diarrhea occur due to self-limited and mild infections of the small intestine or the colon.

7. Diverticulitis

Diverticulitis occurs when the diverticula gets infected or inflamed. It is accompanied by symptoms such as fever, severe stomach ache and constipation.

8. Diverticulosis

The tiny weak parts of the muscular wall surrounding the corner allow the formation of small pouches, known as diverticuli, by protruding the lining of the colon. In most cases, diverticuli don’t itself cause any ailments, however they can start bleeding, become infected or inflated.

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