The Colon (Human Anatomy): Picture, Problems, Tests & Treatments

Medical Tests & Examinations for the Colon

1. Colon biopsy

This is a procedure that is performed during a colonoscopy, and it involves the removal of a tiny part of the colon tissue, which the doctors remove in order to examine it for infections. This procedure is necessary to diagnose several colon conditions, including inflammation, colitis, colon cancer and other infections.

2. Colonoscopy

A procedure that is used to treat several colon conditions. It involves the insertion of a flexible tube with a camera attached to one end, also known as an endoscope, inside the rectum, from where it travels throughout the colon. A colonoscope allows the doctors to obtain highly insightful imagery of the entire colon.

3. Sigmoidoscopy

This procedure involves the insertion of an endoscope within the rectum, which then travels all the way to the left part of the colon. This test has a drawback that it cannot provide imagery of the right or central parts of the colon.

4. Virtual colonoscopy

This test requires a computer and an X-ray machine to provide highly detailed imagery of the colon from within. If doctors are able to detect any problems, they then perform a traditional colonoscopy for further clarification.

5. Stool occult blood testing

This is a test that detects signs of bleeding in the stool. In the instances this test detects blood in the stool, the doctors then perform a colonoscopy in order to identify and eliminate the cause behind this bleeding.

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