What’s The Mono Diet And Can It Help You Lose Weight?

What does it involve?

Social media stars and lifestyle bloggers have given us countless variations of the Mono Diets, and you can pick out almost any food, be it fruit or veggie, for instance, mangoes, pizza, spinach, watermelons, cauliflower and lots more.

Research reveals that the essence of this diet is to enjoy one food for a longer duration of time so that the digestion process improves as the body will have to metabolize very few nutrients. This way, the body won’t need to produce extra digestive enzymes that needed to metabolize different varieties of nutrients.

The body doesn’t need to waste a lot of energy to burn the calories consumed, and this increases the nutrient absorption and reduces all signs of bloating. Your body feels satisfied despite taking fewer amount of calories, and you won’t even find yourself reaching out for junk food to satiate snack cravings throughout the day.

Does it trigger Weight Loss?

The reason why bloggers and celebrities are going crazy for this diet is the fact that it really and truly help you too shed of those unwanted pounds as fast as the speed of lightning. Since your calorie intake will be extremely depleted, this lack of variety at mealtimes will also kill your cravings for processed fats, salts or heavy sugary treats.

However, depriving your body of nutrient variety will also have certain negative effects, and whichever food item you pick out will alter the pattern of your neurotransmitters and their activities. Hence, it is advisable not to continue this diet for more than one or two weeks because it is too harshly restrictive to be actually wholesome and healthy for the body.

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