What’s The Mono Diet And Can It Help You Lose Weight?

How safe is this diet?

The mono diet guarantees weight loss and everyone who has experienced this diet has marveled at its weight loss effects, but that doesn’t mean that this diet has no downfalls. You see, upon being deprived of a healthy nutrient variety, the body tends to become malnourished and the muscles lose their strength because it is ultimately muscle loss that is slowing down your metabolism and helping you lose weight.

Moreover, you will regain all the weight that you have shed by the help of this diet as soon as you resume your usual eating patterns, and if you start a normal weight loss diet in the future, you’ll find losing weight a great deal more difficult.

You see, picking out one food item, be it an apple or a banana deprives your body of essential nutrients in the worst of ways. A healthy weight loss regime must have all three essential macronutrients, which are fats, protein and carbohydrates.

Furthermore, eating one food item fills up your body with an excess of certain nutrients, and some of these tend to harm your body horribly. For instance, bananas are packed with potassium, and an excess of this nutrient is linked with cardiovascular ailments, primarily cardiac arrests. An excess of sugar can spike your blood sugar levels along with disrupting your insulin balance, which will only increase your risk for developing diabetes type 2. Excess sugars in the body also increase your hunger cravings and your appetite for junk and processed foods.

The worst aspect is probably the fact that when you’ve followed a diet regime that involves eating the same food every day, chances are you’ll want to liberate yourself and go on a binge eating spree that involves all the food items you’ve been abstaining from for such a long time.

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