Prostate Gland (Human Anatomy): Prostate Function, Conditions, Tests and Treatments

Prostate Cancer Treatment

1. Chemotherapy

When prostate cancer develops and reaches its advanced stages, doctors use chemotherapy to prevent and slow down the spread of cancer in the body.

2. Clinical trials

Clinical trials are important to test and analyze the effects of certain new medications on a group of volunteers suffering with prostate cancer.

3. Cryotherapy

Doctors use this therapy to eliminate prostate cancer cells by freezing them to death.

4. Hormone therapy

Hormone therapy is required to block the hormonal effects that take place in the body. Since the hormones influence the growth of prostate cancer, this therapy can bring about a reduction in the growth of the cancer.

5. Prostatectomy

A surgical operation often required to treat prostate cancer, it involves the removal of the prostate and aims to eliminate all traces of cancer from the body.

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