Prostate Gland (Human Anatomy): Prostate Function, Conditions, Tests and Treatments

6. Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy is an effective treatment that uses radiation to eliminate the prostate cancer cells, while reducing the risk of any possible damage to the healthy cells.

7. Radioactive seed implants

Radiation is directed towards the prostate from outside the body, while on radioactive seeds can inserted within the prostate in order to eliminate cancer cells.

8. Watchful Waiting

Prostate cancer grows extremely slowly, and amongst some older patients doctors are forced to delay the course of treatment, and watchfully wait to observe the growth of the cancer.

Prostatitis Treatment

Acute & Chronic Prostatitis

The doctors prescribe a course of treatment depending on the kind of prostatitis, and its treatment includes medications and antibiotics, but in certain cases, doctors have to perform a surgical operation in order to heal the patient.

Prostate ailments bring about dire and fatalistic consequences on the health and functioning of your body, and the best way to avoid their occurrence is to follow a healthy, wholesome diet, take effective preventive measures and nurture the health of your prostate on a daily basis.

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