Top 20 Foods to Raise Your Hemoglobin Levels

18. Dates

Dates are one of the healthiest superfoods to satiate your sugar cravings, for they not only eliminate your cravings with a rich fix of nutrients, but they also aid in raising your body’s iron levels.

You can easily add these deliciously sweet treats to your fruit salads, healthy brownies, breakfast cereals, cakes and smoothies.

Dates Milkshake For Weight Loss

19. Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are loaded with countless essential minerals, including iron, copper, zinc, phosphorus and vitamin E.

They pack up a flavourful crunchy taste, and you can add them to all your daily meals and casseroles, such as salads, smoothies, desserts and even breads.

Sesame Seeds Raise Your Haemoglobin Levels

20. Currants

Currants are loaded with a rich profile of antioxidants, which are also found in blueberries, and you can use them to create delicious smoothies, brownies, cakes, pancakes, salads, sauces and lots more.

Currants Raise Your Haemoglobin Levels

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