Top 5 Foods For Killer Immunity

3. Mushrooms

For thousands of years, all popular and traditional medicinal practices have regarded mushrooms as the healthiest natural remedy for a powerfully strong immune system.

Modern science validates the claim by proving that mushrooms are capable of increasing the formation and activities of white blood cells, making them stronger and powerful. If you have an infection, having aggressively strong white blood cells makes it easier for the body to fight off germs and maintain good health.

Shiitake and maitake varieties of mushrooms are the most widely researched and popular picks for a dense concentration of immunity-enhancing nutrients. You can find these varieties at all the leading supermarkets, grocery store and farmer’s markets, and the best part is, they are incredibly easy to cook.

Mushroom Cancer Treatment

You can enhance the taste of all your meals by tossing in a handful of mushrooms to your sauces, pastas, eggs, and you can even add them to your pizza toppings. Sauté some mushrooms with extra virgin olive oil and add them to your salads, grilled recipes and baked delights.

Oh, and if you are a lazy chef with a strong tendency to burn the contents of your meal, mushrooms are just what you need because despite being burned, they continue to remain powerfully stimulating to enhance the immune system.

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