Top 5 Foods For Killer Immunity

4. Beef

Beef is crucial for strengthening the immune system as it aids in reinforcing the body’s weakness and vulnerabilities with aggressive strength to fight back against harmful germs and bacteria.

Research reveals that most American adults experience nutritional shortcomings largely due to the deficiency of zinc in their daily diet. And this problem mostly arises for vegetarians who don’t devour beef at all, which is the richest source of this energizing and immunity-boosting mineral.

It is extremely important to add beef to one’s weekly diet because even the mildest of zinc deficiencies expose the body to severe infections. Zinc is not only essential for the production of white blood cells, which control the activity of the immune system by targeting and eliminating all bacteria, germs and viruses that threaten to invade the body.

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A 3oz serving of lean beef is all you need to brim up your body with a whopping 30% of your daily dosage requirement of zinc, which is more than enough to overcome all deficiencies of this essential mineral. So feel free to fix yourself a roasted beef sandwich with olives and mushrooms, or you can even add lean beef to your grilled recipes, salads and casserole meals.

If you simply can’t seem to stomach the idea of eating beef, you can obtain zinc from other rich sources, such as pork, milk, oysters, poultry, yogurt and fortified cereals.

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