Top 5 Foods For Killer Immunity

5. Kefir

Kefir is loaded with all the essential nutrients that are required to reinforce the strength of your immune system. Research reveals that the intestinal tracts are surrounded by a mucosal membrane lining that houses billions and trillions of good bacteria, which is essential to prevent all harmful and damaging germs from permeating the barriers of the intestinal wall.

When we consume antibiotics, they flush out all this good bacteria, and the intestine becomes exposed to all these harmful germs, which contribute to the development of ailments like diarrhea.

Adding yogurt and succulently tasty fermented milk beverages like kefir can really work wonders at shielding your intestines and enhancing your immunity. Countless studies have revealed that culture food items, such as yogurt and kefir, aid the body by improving the overall health of each and every organ, and improving the immune response of the body to fight against harmful germs and ailments.

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Be sure to pick out brands that are brimming with active cultures as they are your most trusted sources to consume healthy bacteria that will strengthen your intestinal health.

Kefir has a deliciously creamy texture that is ideal for decadent desserts, and you can eat it without any guilt for one cup contains no more than 160 calories, and heaps of healthy bacteria.

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